A clean surface of the base material is critical to ensure the next steps in the process are successful.

The Need for Cleaning parts:

  • Surface preparation prior to painting, plating, or bonding
  • Remove rust, scales, or existing
  • Removing machining edge profile, burrs
  • Cleaning Molds
  • Provide etching for better adhesion
  • A smooth surface for a better finish

But Then:

  • Perfectly good parts may be scrapped because they were damaged in storage.
  • Surface material no longer meets the finished specifications.
  • There is a need to change the finished appearance of the parts.
  • Don't scrap parts that can be cleaned.
  • Develops rust over time

Different Applications require different Equipment and Media to remove unwanted materials.
Knowing what to use prevents damage to the parts and ensures a quality finish.

Chromium Plating Company Provides 7 ways to clean your parts.

Steel Shot Blast

Small to Medium size parts, Steel shot blasting, cabinet size 60” W X 60” H, max. weight capacity 5000 lbs., high volume capacity, uniform surface finish, variable speed control

Tumble Blast Painted Part

Small, light parts, cabinet size 20” dia. X 18” L, 1.5 cubic feet, high volume capacity

Conveyer Belt Blaster Blast to Improve Bond

Small to Medium size parts, up to 300 lbs., 9” W X 9” H X 160” long, Versatility to deburr, clean, profile parts with different shapes and sizes, from tubular to flat

Blasting Room Large Parts

Part preparation for Hard Chrome Plating Medium to Large size parts, room size 10’ X 12’ X 8’ H, Part size in the picture is 86” long, 3300 lbs.

Large Parts

Medium to Heavy parts. Part in pic 1,200 lbs.

Blast Cabinet

Small, light parts, even surface finish, manually operated, versatility to deburr, clean, and profile parts with different shapes and sizes.

Vibratory Finish and Deburring

A large variety of small parts, as shown in the picture.

Current Media Offerings

  • Glass Beads
  • Crushed Glass
  • Ceramic Beads
  • NU Soft steel shot
  • Aluminum Oxide

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