The Glass Bead process is similar to a sand blast operation. However, the Glass Bead finish is less aggressive and leaves the part clean with very little damage to the base material. The Glass Bead process is the perfect method for removing small burrs on stainless steel threads, removing light surface corrosion, and producing a non-reflective surface on parts.

Almost any metal can be treated using the Glass Bead process. This operation is economical and produces consistent results. Most parts will be processed further by electroplating or an oil dip.

Walk-in Blast Room

Full walk-in blast room with reclaim system to ensure clean uniform blasting.

Base Material

Base material has been cleaned and blasted so it can be repaired.

Soft Steel Shot Blaster

Fully automated soft steel shot blaster removes heat scale before the chrome plating process.

Our Commitment to Quality

Our efficiency and outstanding attention to detail allow us provide you with the highest quality processing of your parts, how you need them and when you need them.

Process & Capacities:

  • 60" OD x 60" H fully automated table blaster
  • 10' W x 12' L x 8' H - walk in room
  • Two station cabinet blaster
  • Large parts capacity
  • No dimensional change
  • Surface finish improvement
  • Removal of seeded corrosion
  • Fully automated processing

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