Hard Chrome Plating

The Process

Hard Chrome Plating, also known as engineering chrome, is a layer of chromium applied on metal parts through an electroplating process. The natural element chromium is used because of its characteristics to reduce friction, improve corrosion resistance, improve surface hardness and able to build thick deposits. The properties of chromium make it ideal for use on parts that are subject to high wear such as hydraulic shafts, printing rolls, wear pins, plungers, control bars, web process rolls, and valve stems. The slick surface of chromium makes it a great coating to use where the products tend to stick to the surface of process equipment such as rolls, scraper blades, injection mold tooling and knife blades.

The technical data of the electroplated surface is a composition of 99.9% chromium, a hardness of 68 Rc, a co-efficient of friction .156 and surface finish capabilities of 4 Ra. In less technical terms: the chromium plated layer is hard and slick!

Salvage and Repair

Chromium can be electroplated to a thickness of .050" and more. This provides many opportunities to salvage parts that have been machined under size and to repair worn parts. The Chromium Plating Company quality repair process will include precision grinding the worn part under size to remove all signs of wear. Next, the part will then be processed in the Hard Chrome electroplating chemistry. Finally, the part will be finish ground to the specified dimension and tolerance. Our satisfied customers are experiencing cost savings, some as much as 75% of new part prices!


Chromium Plating Company's automated Hard Chrome Plating department can process thousands of small parts during each shift. This gives you, the customer, the benefit of a low cost per part for the Hard Chrome finish.

Double Acting Hydraulic Tube

This double acting hydraulic tube is 5.5"OD x 26' long.

We can process 2ea per run.

Small Plated Parts

Thousands of small parts are plated every day through Chromium Plating Company's automated Hard Chrome plating department.

The product is part of a mechanical assembly that receives a lot of wear. The chromium coating gives the product a long wear life, as well as corrosion protection.

Our Commitment to Quality

Our efficiency and outstanding attention to detail allow us provide you with the highest quality processing of your parts, how you need them and when you need them.

Process & Capacities:

  • .0002" - .060" chrome thickness
  • Diameter capacity up to 45"
  • Length capacity up to 32'

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