Hydraulics Repair Services

Hydraulics Repair

Hydraulics can be found in nearly all industries, including Agricultural, Aircraft, Automotive, Mining, Automotive, Paper, Roofing, and Printing applications. And while these industrial machines tend to be paramount in the manufacturing process for most companies, the constant wear and tear in the hydraulic components makes the machinery susceptible to downtime when the parts are not protected from friction and heat. The primary benefit of plating hydraulic cylinders with chromium is that it helps reduce friction or lack of fluidity so that the equipment operates at optimal performance. In fact, OEM’s use chromium plating to increase the longevity and efficiency of moving parts, and to prevent premature system failures.

We offer a cost-effective solution to repair, restore and extend the life to Hydraulic Cylinders. Our Chromium Plating services will include precision grinding the worn part undersize to remove all signs of wear or corrosion. Next, the part will then be processed in the hard chrome electroplating chemistry. Finally, the part will be finished ground to the specified dimension and tolerance. In addition to restoring the equipment and increasing the longevity of the equipment, our satisfied customers are experiencing cost savings anywhere from 50% to 75% of new part replacement.

Hard chromium benefits on Hydraulic Parts:

  • The hard chromium-plated surface tends to not seize, gall, or cold-weld to another metal surface when the two rubbed together under pressure.
  • Chromium is one of the hardest metals, therefore has one the best resistance friction.
  • Provides a smooth surface for sliding motions, thus minimizing cutting damages.
  • Provides chemical and corrosion resistance to most metals.
Hydraulic Repair Before


Hydraulic Repair After


Hard Chrome Plating Services

  • .0002” - .060” Chrome thickness
  • Diameter capacity up to 45”
  • Length capacity up to 32’
  • Up to 4000 lbs
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Hydraulics Repair Example 2
Hydraulics Repair Example 3

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